Sunday, February 7, 2010

the best after effects work i've ever seen

a great video.. its not too advanced technically but the lighting and colour really sells it
i think this could be a really amazing animation if the camera movement was slightly altered so it didnt feel so mechanical and also maybe a few different angles/ with a little training id love to be able to create something like this

a fan made still version of a scene from a short animation from the animatrix. A bit over the top but i think its still a good enough poont
sound comes across in a completely different way in this form. it draws alot of attention , maybe because its different from what i'm used to.
i think its best between 20-35, and with the drop of blood

Thursday, February 4, 2010

video for karmacoma
-establishing shot of eternal hallway cuts to close-up of hairy man then quick flash of shoebuffer and then frantic sweaty man with shaky camera. Intense shots, confusing, dreamlike because of hallway.

looking at the heartbeats ad. this video starts off with a setup landscapee paning shot, then a still close up 1st person perspective of the streetcorner, and then we glimpse some small hint of movement to come before having one more establishing closer landscape shot of the area. these 4 images alternate from moving to still camera and are a great intro to the overall piece. They set up scene and have a prelude to the large action to come.

Panel 5, setsup scene with boy. first person and an outsider like viewer to event.
Panel6, an establishing shot of the big action starting
Panel7, wide shot with land layed out and the action getting bigger and gaining momentum.
panel8, The action has gained its full speed and size and is now invading the original space of the boy.
Angles go from personal to wide/establishing, wide/establishing to personal again

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hp ads with enjoyable animation. ads seem to end nicely because they present in an order that lets them wrap up with the nice with the presentation and the synchronisation of music

Heartbeats ad

not so much a narrative in this piece but just different ways off looking at an event. it is pleasing to look at and creates an enjoyable atmosphere but it would just be a bright colourful image if it wasnt cut,framed, paced well and matched with music. The music functions similar to the panel layout of the manga comics.