Monday, February 1, 2010


some interesting panel compositions. Manga panels/layouts have been designed to emphasise space, time, emotion(just a little) and tension aswell as guiding the eye easily around the page. I always found this way of depiction completely different from the traditional work of american comic artistz/illustrators which tend towards a simple square linear layout. I think for me its a little slower and calmer especially when less panels are used per page.

a short manga about a cat

the panels in this manga are layed out really well with spacing and bring the short narrative to a satisfying close each time with just 8 pages

Calvin and hobbes

in this short sequence the story is resolved with the punchline leaving the reader satisfied
also calvin isnt boxed off but is standing between the panels because that particular moment is a connecting shot as he gets his idea that he will put into action in the next frame.

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